Lucy Bushnell
Lucy Bushnell is a qualified Personal Trainer. She
trained with the BSY Group and passed in:
  • Practical training in Sports Fitness
  • Level Four Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer 2013
  • NCFE in Personal Fitness Training level 4 programme
  • Clinical Personal Fitness Training
  • Sports Massage Therapist
  • Diploma in Personal Fitness Training

In addition she has the following:

  • Leader in Running qualification from UK athletics
  • Qualified first aider
  • CRB cleared for Cranleigh School, Cranleigh Sunflowers and UK Athletics
  • DBS cleared for Park Mead School.

Lucy's best qualification is leading a normal life has struggled with food and understands how hard it is to get motivated, stay motivated and how and when to work out to suit her lifestyle and family.  She does all the programs herself to get the best understanding and knowledge that she can about how the body mind and soul all work.  She passes this on and helps others to understand how it works and all the benefits that it will bring.

More about Lucy

About 8 years ago she had twins. She admits she never really exercised and couldn’t understand why she would want to! At a coffee morning she was complaining about not losing any weight (whilst stuffing a cake into her mouth!). A friend said that she would help her and they agreed to meet for a walk/run!

She didn’t find it easy but felt great afterwards and the sense of achievement made her go back and do it again.

A year later she ran the London Marathon. Whilst training for this though she realised there wasn’t a group that she could join as she was very self conscious, didn't want the world to see her in the gym and not fast enough to join a running club. So she started my own group, Cranleigh Sunflowers which now has nearly 90 members!  All the members are beginners and they all have their own targets and goals that they would like to achieve.

Cranleigh Sunflowers has now been going since May 2009 but in 2012 she was inspired by the Sunflowers training, watching goals being achieved and listening to people's reasons. She completed a Personal Fitness Training course achieving a distinction and hasn't looked back and more recently qualified as a Sports Masseur.